bombthemall (

bombthemall , Manila
i am asian. brown skin. dark hair. air guitarist. turntablist. sometimes percussionist. water born but can't swim. i love the sea, the sand. and the way sea salt settles on my lips. i try not to eat meat. but then i discovered lambchops. i suck on diets. i was on south beach for a while. and now im loving the lambchops. always waiting for something to go wrong. i sleep a lot. i am eternally broke. i make weekly soundtracks and load into my jurassic mp3 player. i am growing old too early. i fear that im invisible to 18 year old girls. i love weird angles. i was an unharrassed altar boy. i should have finished my nihonggo classes. i love walking. i hate the sun. i adore the moon. i have a tattoo but im not telling where.
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